Best Free VPN Apps for Android

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The virtual private network (vpn) is the best way to secure your android device from spam. The app has around 330 million download download expressvpn another one of the most reliable apps in terms of both efficiency and ability. It provides the options of- udp ( all of the apps mentioned above are better than the other. Each of them has its unique features and are almost equally efficient. . …

There are several ways to secure your device, but the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the best way to secure your Android device from spam. Internet usage is not safe anymore.

Sometimes, when we open a site for downloading purposes, an advertisement pops up now and then. These ads are misleading and often include viruses. The hackers usually manage to steal our useful data by entering in our devices.

Even the usage of public WiFi is also very much dangerous.

Thus, it can be said that to protect your useful data and other files, you need to secure it as it is rightly said,

‘Prevention is better than cure’.

Moreover, these days, mobile transactions have become an essential part of our day to day life, and the number of online transaction is increasing day by day.

Best Free VPN Apps

With this, the frauds are also increasing.

Hackers are now smarter!

Also, we do make a lot of transactions through our android without even securing our accounts.

So, to make the best usage of our android devices in a secure way, find the best VPN for torrenting, and prevent mobile frauds, I would like to suggest some of the best VPN apps which will surely secure your android device.

So let’s get started!

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Hotspot Shield

HotSpot Shield Free VPN Proxy & Wifi-SecurityThe best vpn app which you can use for securing your android is Hotspot Shield. This app will offer you both a premium and free version. The free version is supported by ads although both of the versions are equally efficient and popular among its users in providing security.

An essential feature of the app is that it provides lightning speed performance.

Also, it limits your data to 500mb per day.

The most important aspect of the app is that it will provide you plenty of geo-blocking capabilities. The app has around 330 million downloads around the globe. It also includes banking-level HTTPS encryption for security so that the out-going data can be protected.

So do not forget to use it!

SecureLine VPN

VPN SecureLine by Avast - Security & Privacy ProxyAnother app which ensures utmost security is the SecureLine VPN.

Because of the private VPN Tunnel of SecureLine VPN, the app can encrypt the data using the IPsec protocol, and in this way, the app outsmarts the hackers.

Hence, in this way, it ensures maximum security of the users.

The hackers, thus, cannot go through your valuable data through public WiFi hotspots. All that is needed is just a single click from your end.

That’s it!

And it will work wonders!


ExpressVPN- Unlimited Secure VPN ProxyAnother one of the most reliable apps in terms of both efficiency and ability ExpressVPN, has tons of features loaded for us.

During installation, you need to provide a one-time activation code for the device.

It provides the options of- UDP (faster) or TCP (more stable) OpenVPN protocols.

You can choose any of them.

Further, it also provides the benefits of unlocking geo-locked content from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and so on. Also, one of its most important feature is that the app never records the IP address of the user.

So you can maintain complete secrecy.

It’s only drawback is that it lets you connect to only 3 concurrent connections.


TunnelBear VPNThe TunnelBear, has become one of the safest VPN apps of 2019. It has a cute design, but its performance is one of the best. Recently, the app has started collecting data lesser than 500mb.

Now, unlike the previous apps, this one has got two options to choose from- free and paid for subscriptions. The only restriction of the free one is that it utilizes around 500MB so if you use a big amount of data, you will have to upgrade to the premium one. But in case of the paid one, there’s no restriction as such.

So, I assure you that it will protect your identity better than any other apps.

Adding to this, it also is user-friendly, and all the android users can use it.


ProtonVPN advanced online security for everyoneLast but not the least app which surely falls under the category of the best is the app ProtonVPN. This app is extremely famous among its users.

People started loving this app soon after its launch.

The app was developed by the ProtonMails and surely put the security as its feature at the top of its priority. This provides you the benefits of unlimited browsing as well.

Just like the last app mentioned in the article, this one also has two options to choose from- free and premium.

Although, the only con of the free one is that it performs at a slow speed.

So, if you are impatient when it comes to speed, you can opt for the premium one.

Another drawback is that, it allows torrenting only to the premium users. Generally, apart from all these, both the options provide almost the same services to all its android users.


That’s it with the list of the best vpn apps for android users. All of the apps mentioned above are better than the other. Each of them has its unique features and are almost equally efficient.

So if you are looking for a VPN app, give a careful reading to the list and choose the one which attracts you the most.

Do not compromise on the quality as you are paying for some of these. If you have any queries regarding any of the apps mentioned here, feel free to comment down below in the comments section.

Also, further suggestions regarding the article would be highly appreciated.

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