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How to Verify Root Access on Your Android via Root Checker?

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Rooting is like modifying your smartphone and granting access to something which is not allowed in a normal routine of the phone. There are certain advantages and disadvantages to doing it you can expel advertisements that appeared from all the applications just as in the program. You can also use lucky patcher to expel ads from chose applications. A large portion of step 1: download the root checker app from the play store. It is quite a light app and won’t take much time in downloading step 2: check the security. . …

Some of you may be aware of the term rooting the device, while some may not or may have a little idea about it and sure about it if is correct or not.

Well, don’t worry even if you are not aware of it.

If you want to know and most importantly want to verify root access on your android then you are at the correct place as in this article I will discuss what is Rooting, why it is required (the advantages and disadvantages) and also to verify the root access on your android.

All you need to do is follow me with this article and you will get the desired way to verify it.

Let us begin our journey.

What is Rooting?

It is like modifying your smartphone and granting access to something which is not allowed in a normal routine of the phone.

When you purchase an android smartphone, there are some functions and things that are custom base that is you can edit depending upon your need but if you need to edit something which is not allowed without permission.

Then, in that case, you need to ask for permission and this process of gaining administrator access is known as Rooting.

Now like every coin has a two side one being the positive and the other negative.

The same goes for the process of Rooting as well.

There are certain advantages and disadvantages to doing it.

Moreover, both of them have their max level and you have to think very wisely.

Advantages of performing Rooting

Now if you have opted to root your device and want to know the perks offered after the rooting process is done. These are:

Boost battery life and speed

You can set CPU speed subsequent to establishing your gadget. You can set it low to help battery life and set it to most extreme to support the Android execution.

Some applications permit you to control the foundation action of the introduced applications.

Likewise, you can utilize applications like Greenify to briefly rest the applications and possibly permit them to run when you need them.

We all can correlate that battery is something that never works according to us and always causes the problem but after rooting it, even this problem gets sorted.

Helps in blocking adds

This is also amongst the major problem faced by android users.

Displaying of adds in between of any running applications not only disturbs you but also disturbs your work flow.

But thanks to rooting, by introducing Adblock besides, Lucky Patcher and numerous comparative applications, you can expel advertisements that appeared from all the applications just as in the program. You can likewise utilize fortunate patcher to expel advertisements from chose applications. Hence, even this problem got sorted.

Removing not required (crapy) apps

A large portion of the Android gadget accompanies some pre-introduced application by the producer which is simply a futile and occupying room.

These applications can’t be expelled legitimately, yet you can uninstall them effectively after establishing. Titanium Backup can be utilized to complete this activity. This also means that there is no need to carry the backlogs.

Backing up will not be any problem

Backing up the data like SMS, Contacts, Apps, music, and videos always been a problem for the users and also for the storage. Either they drain out the storage space or just occupy them. But that is not the case when you have Rooted your device. There are backups apps like Titanium Backup can help in backing up your files without any slowing of the machine.


Some of the hidden sides of the rooting are:

Violates warranty

This is the primary effect of rooting the smartphone that is a violation of the warranty terms and conditions which are abiding by the user in order to exercise the benefit of the warranty period. But there are certain companies like one plus that allows their customer to root the smartphone and still can exercise the warranty benefits. They keep the warranty intact.

Easy access to corrupt files or malware

Well, this can be the possibility when you are indulged in the rooting of your smartphone. If you are using an app that is not verified by the developer then, in that case, you might get malware on your system or device. What to do in order to prevent it? All you can do is to install the apps only from the trustworthy sources only.

Verification method via root checker

Now after reading about what exactly the term rooting is and also got to know about the advantages and disadvantages of the rooting, it is time to install it. In order to do follow these simple steps and you will be done with it within a few minutes. We will be discussing it via a very fine app known as root checker app

Step 1: download the Root Checker app from the play store. It is quite a light app and won’t take much time in downloading

Step 2: check the security and after checking open the app

Step 3: there will be a disclaimer present on the screen which is of root checker app and all you need to do is tap on the agree with option

Step 4: After this, you will be taken to the overview page of the root checker. Now you have to swipe right three times in order to get into the app and get started

Step 5: there will a message box popped up after a while and it will stats that Verify Root Status.

Now you have to simply click on the verify root option.

Step 6: also you have to grant the SuperSU permission if it is asked by the app and if it asks for permission then your device is already present in the rooted state.

Step 7: After completion of this, you have to check whether the device is showing rooted or not. If yes then the work has got successful and if not then all you need to do is try another try.

It is done, super easy and super fast. You need not spend a whole full day in order to execute it, rather just a few minutes.


I hope the above article has helped with understanding the process of Rooting and also has shown a way in how to verify root access on your android via root checker. It is a very easy and simple method wherein you need not do much work.

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