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Gushing on the web music is cool yet what do you do when your internet or wi-fi is down? you can peruse music mp3int is the most basic site you’ll ever visit. The site contains a pickup line “we are back”. Loudtronix is one of the prominent names in the rundown of sites like mp3boo. The site offers you mp3juices is yet to be over with its highlights, or, in other words, look through a tune in the hunt the site requires its clients to join before they can get to its stunning highlights. There are a few specialists on the stage offering their music you can find any of your main tunes from any type from this site. There is no need to review all the music to pick your internet archive’s sound segment offers you free music as well as brings book recordings, webcasts, radio projects and unrecorde. …

Some people may have heard of MP3Boo, which is a free service to download music legally, but it’s not as popular as some of its competitors. This is because it’s not as easy to use as other music streaming services, and it has the potential to download copyrighted music. Still, it has its place among the millions of music streaming sites, and its loyal fans swear it’s the best option available.

There would be rarely any person who dislikes music and in this manner. There have been numerous well-known music sites that offer an assortment of highlights to the music sweethearts.

One such mainstream website was Mp3Boo which offered their preferred music with the tunes without hardly lifting a finger of tuning in and downloading the equivalent.

In any case, since the Mp3Boo site isn’t live for a significant long time now and  many are searching for other music sites that offer the music sweethearts with similar highlights and ease and can be the best Mp3Boo options

One may question likewise why download free music when you can simply stream it. Indeed, gushing on the web music is cool yet what do you do when your internet or Wi-Fi is down?

That is the place you need offline music, and the best part is you can play your most loved tracks wherever you abandon spending a solitary penny.

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Premium music spilling administrations like Apple Music, Prime Music, Spotify, and so forth., additionally give free preliminaries to tuning in and downloading music; you can provide them with a shot too.

MP3Boo was the best music player and downloader for quite a while.

The principle Key Features Mp3 offered was:

You can peruse music of any sort whether a collection or a piece of solitary music.

You can download and tune in to music for Free.



SoundCloud is one of the prominent music sites that gives you a chance to stream great music and download melodies for nothing. It is additionally seen as the best Spotify alternative where you can get online music without paying.

In this online music website, the data is transferred by autonomous specialists and famous musicians. You can look for melodies through groups or artisans labels in the hunt bar. SoundCloud was likewise as of late included in the rundown of India’s best music spilling administrations.

Notwithstanding, not all music at SoundCloud is free, and some of them even expect you to Like a Facebook page to acquire the track. Be that as it may, a significant number of them can be downloaded.



The primary motivation behind why Mp3INT remains in this rundown is its straightforwardness. Mp3INT is the most basic site you’ll ever visit. The site contains a pickup line “we are back,” their logo, online life associations, web search tool, and that is it. No landing page, no “why Mp3INT”, no join, no promotions.

Have your music and leave!

On the off chance that you are one of the individuals who search for effortlessness on a site, then MP3INT is the ideal for you. The site has an intelligent interface that can undoubtedly, be utilized by the clients.

The landing page of the site is kept exceptionally simple, so the clients can undoubtedly locate the required soundtrack.

The main disadvantage of this webpage is that you can’t download an artist’s collection by and large yet can download the individual tracks easily.


Plixid, as far as many-sided quality, is extremely famous. In contrast to different sites, the ook box isn’t just the alternative, placid offers. It has an assortment of choices, including top collections, inclining, electronic, pop, metal, jazz, and so on.

Wouldn’t it be agreeable if you are presented with music tracks in the most arranged way?

Plixid has a decent outline and everything is arranged into helpful classifications and you tap on a collection and get a track list with some download joins and furthermore you are fortunate and all of you be downloading what you require in a few minutes.

The site has been amazingly mainstream among its clients for its sorted out course of action of the tracks accessible. The clients don’t need to search all over for finding any of their main tracks as they have an appropriate course of action to find that for them.

Other than having an inquiry box, this site offers the alternative of finding the tracks from the rundown of artists, collections, and so on to its clients.

This implies regardless of whether you recall any little insight about the music tracks, you can without much of a stretch locate the equivalent on this site.

In any case, a few people discover this site somewhat confounding, yet once you have experienced the site completely then you will clearly make the most of your involvement with this site.

Not just this, Plixid offers you a “sort by” alternative which encourages you to sort your hunts concerning importance, freshness, and perspectives.


Loudtronix, much the same as mp3boo, gives you each sort of music you liked to tune in. Not just this current, LoudTronix’s site is anything but difficult to hand. You simply need to look for the melody, no ads, no challenges, just you and your music.

In addition, Loudtronix not just offers you to download the music, it likewise has the alternative like play music and watch recordings too.

Presently, have you at any point seen such sites?

LoudTronix is one of the prominent names in the rundown of sites like Mp3Boo. It has turned out to be a standout amongst the most mainstream and most loved music sites for music lovers.

One of the greatest fascination and preferred standpoint that this site offers to its clients is looking through the music with no notices.

The clients are not disturbed by such a large number of ads each time they look for any of their most loved music. The site can be the best place for finding the music of any class, craftsman or sort.

Besides, the clients can likewise locate the a portion of the recordings that can’t be found on some other social alternative.

Accordingly, the music lovers are absolutely infatuated with this site.

The website additionally gives an alternative to the clients to include an expansion of the webpage to their Google Chrome with the goal that their YouTube recordings can be straightforwardly downloaded in the MP3 arrange.

Loudtronix site is an extraordinary Mp3boo elective and furthermore utilizes music recordings from YouTube and furthermore you can discover tunes and music and best advantage for utilize a Chrome program. There is an expansion you can add to it to have the capacity to download any video on YouTube as a MP3 with only a tick that is ideal.


“Mp3Juices” is another music downloading webpage like Mp3Boo, as I would like to think. This site offers you million of melodies with no issue.

You simply need to visit the site, look through the song. Not exclusively will they spring up with the sought music yet in addition will demonstrate to you the prescribed tunes for the quests.

Mp3juices is yet to be over with its highlights, or, in other words, look through a tune in the hunt box, your inquiry enclose encourages you finding the melody you wish to tune in, by demonstrating recommendations.

Mp3juices, much the same as LoudTronix have both the choices, i.e., play now and download.

On the off chance that you are one of those clients who can’t recall the correct name of the melody and simply recollect a portion of its catchphrases, at that point, Mp3Juices can be the site that you can strive for looking through the tune with that watchword.

The site is, to a great degree, easy to utilize and offer a similar help that the site Mp3Boo used to offer to the clients.

The clients are seen helpful utilizing the sites as they simply need to type in the catchphrases of the tunes, and they are demonstrated the required outcome inside a moment of time.

The other cool element that the website offers to the clients is to spare and download any music to the iCloud, Google Drive, DropBox, and so forth. The clients additionally get the choice to play and download the recordings also with no issues.

Mp3juice is another best site like mp3boo that utilize YouTube source.

You scan for a melody or artist after you can play it on the site or download it to your PC and you additionally have the alternative to download the video or to spare it to your Dropbox that is ideal.


“eMusic” in this universe of Mp3 downloader is an extremely alluring website. In any case, I’ll experience the site on account of its enticing page and afterward will run with its component.

In any case, the truth of the matter is, by all account not the only the site is welcoming however the highlights also, you can look through any sort of music all around the globe with best-prescribed recordings.

As the name implies, the site can be gotten to for discovering music from everywhere throughout the world.

The site has a fascinating, alluring yet engaging landing page that holds the consideration of the clients and keeps them holding with the site. The more you find the site, the more you begin to look all starry eyed at its interface and stunning highlights.

The site has a heap of highlights accessible for its clients that opens up the entryway for the different soundtracks from everywhere throughout the world.

Despite the fact that, the site requires its clients to join before they can get to its stunning highlights. However, once you are on this site, there is no thinking back.



SoundClick is the best place to download music straightforwardly from the artist’s websites. There are a few specialists on the stage offering their music for nothing. You can likewise purchase authorized music or download the free ones legitimately.

One can investigate the colossal gathering of tunes accessible there as per classes. You can stream or download them according to your requirements, when you have joined on the site.

Despite the fact that this free music download site is somewhat jumbled and the UI isn’t that great, there are some cool highlights, for example, making custom radio stations, connecting with different audience members on the gathering and perusing more about your most loved SoundClick specialists.

There is likewise a component that gives you a chance to mail customized e-cards to anybody with topics, for example, birthday, valentine‘s day or gathering with a custom content and any mood melodies of your decision on SoundClick.


The main webpage which gives you more than 20+ million tunes which you can seek, tune in, and download. Not just this, MP3Jam is secure too. You’ll never get into any inconvenience utilizing MP3jam, as it gives just sheltered and lawful mp3s.

MP3Jam IS multi-reason site. You can download a solitary music track or whole MP3 ALBUM. Only a single tick, and you can download each melody you wish to tune in.

In the event that you need to be sheltered while downloading the tune, at that point Mp3Jam is the webpage for you.

The webpage is lawful and along these lines utilizing the website for downloading the music is to a great degree, sheltered and advantageous for the clients.

In addition to the fact that this sites offer the clients to download the melodies, it enables the clients to tune in and in addition, share the tunes to other individuals through various social stages.

The website is as quick as you need it to be thus you don’t need to pause, either to download the melody or for having the equivalent with your friends and family. With its database having 20 million tunes, you don’t need to stress over missing any of your main tunes. You can discover any of your main tunes from any type from this site.

Likewise, not at all like different sites, there is no compelling reason to visit youtube, duplicate the connection glue it on this webpage, MP3jam finds and downloads YouTube MP3s specifically in the program.

Besides, There is zero need to review all the music to pick your main tune. Mp3jam itself will locate the best sound track with the best quality naturally.

Likewise, MP3jam is both online music and also downloader and music player which let you share your music on twitter or facebook or WhatsApp with your companions

“A lot for a solitary site”, must visit.

7 digital

7 digital is recorded as digital music and radio administration stage. 7 digital offers B2B benefit and additionally 7 digital-marked direct-to-client music download stores for the digital accomplices.

Have gadgets taking a shot at various stages?

Don’t sweat it!

7Digital is the best site accessible from where you can locate your most loved music for all the main working framework and stage going from Android, iOS to Blackberry, and Firefox.

Not just this, the site additionally offers an alternative to coordinate the music darlings straightforwardly to the closest music store alongside offering advantageous B2B administrations for the clients. The clients additionally download music in various organizations like 16 bit, Mp3 256, Mp3 320, m4A, and so forth.

This site is nothing not as much as a treat to the music darlings for giving them their preferred music went with a portion of the colossal highlights.

It offers musical tracks in MP3 320, 256, M4A, 16-BIT AND 24 BIT FLAC AUDIO.

7 Digital isn’t just for windows yet for androids, IOS, BLACKBERRY, and Firefox working frameworks and additionally a portable streamlined store accessible on any gadget.

7 digital online music and downloader online store are accessible all inclusive and major underline on 40 nations. They additionally have a portable web-store, cell phone applications for Android, BlackBerry 10 gadgets, Firefox OS, Windows and iOS.

Internet Archive

audio Archive

Internet Archive’s sound segment offers you free music as well as brings book recordings, webcasts, radio projects and unrecorded music. The sound library contains more than 2 million free computerized sound documents.

Despite the fact that the tunes aren’t all around arranged, music sweethearts can sort the sound tracks accessible as indicated by the time of distribute, maker, dialect, and different channels, for example, most saw, media compose, themes and subjects.

These classifications can be a bit of confounding, yet after looking sufficiently hard, one can even now locate some astonishing music.

I could discover free music downloads from a wide range of specialists and even the worldwide, standard melodies ones from Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Coldplay and Kendrick Lamar. The best part is you can download music securely and free in numerous document configurations, for example, MP3 and OGG.


The previously mentioned sites have been positioned based on usability and prevalence. Nonetheless, as I would see it, sound area of Internet Archive’s makes it the best free music download site since I can discover relatively every artist in there.

You are allowed to pick the one which suits you the best, so simply ahead and explore these sites.

Mp3Boo was the destinations that the greater part of the clients were partial to utilizing as a result of the a portion of the best highlights that it offered to the clients. Notwithstanding, without that site, all the previously mentioned destinations are the best Mp3Boo options that you can attempt without confronting any problems and troubles.

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